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E3 Excellence in
Pandemic Response
and Enterprise Solutions

The main goal is to develop solutions that allow the various functions of society to continue uninterrupted and people to continue to move and live safely despite the epidemics and pandemics.
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E3 Final Seminar
Tackling Pandemics, Oct 30th 2024 at Helsinki
Project information
22 companies
7 research organizations
12 million €
6 work packages
3 use cases
3 years
International cooperation
The E3 project wants to harness modern science and technology to create effective countermeasures to prevent the spreading of novel infectious diseases.
To achieve its goals, E3 has
7 research organizations

and 22 companies working for this historic large-scale multidisciplinary joint innovation project.
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For more information
Project Coordinator
Research organizations
Jari Erkkilä
Tamlink Ltd.
p. +358 40 513 6917

Tampere University:

Piia Sormunen

p. 050 476 6731


Topi Rönkkö

p. 040 198 1019


Tampere University of Applied Sciences:

Kari Kallioharju

p. +35840 801 6509



Helsinki University:

Tarja Sironen

p. +358 504 471588


Helsinki University Hospital, HUS:

Enni Sanmark

p. +35840 844 6940


Aku Karvinen

p. +358 40 510 2142



Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, THL:

Martin Täubel

P. +35829 524 6466



Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI:

Antti-Pekka Hyvärinen

p. +35829 539 5444


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, TTL:

Sirpa Laitinen

p. +358 30 474 7233

Research organizations
Coordinators & ecosystems
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