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Sharing knowledge with P3Venti in Netherlands

Piia Sormunen Photo: Symposium P3Venti 2024

P3Venti*, a similar project to E3 project, arranged a very interesting day in Zoetermeer, Netherlands on February 28th. Our Industry Professor (Building services at Tampere University) & Director of Business Development at Granlund Oy Piia Sormunen participated on behalf of the E3 project.

"It is important to share research results and experiences from E3 Pandemic Response project with P3Venti research team and TNO. Thank you hosting me Roberto Traversari Lisette Rueb Norman Egter van Wissekerke." says Sormunen after visiting the event.

A group photo from the event.
A group photo from the event. Photo: Symposium P3Venti 2024

The Program for Pandemic Preparedness by Ventilation, P3Venti, leads, collects and distributes scientific research on the influence and potential impact of ventilation on aerogenic pathogen spread, exposure risk and infection control (August 2022 - July 2025). The program is coordinated by TNO.

*P3Venti is a part of larger Pandemic Preparedness Program of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (300 million Euros, annually).

More about P3Venti:

More about TNO:


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