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Revolutionary research findings in the making

It’s been a little over one and a half years now since the E3 project started and one more year to go. So far we have had many interesting experiences within all the multidisciplinary research projects inside the E3.

Like creating the infection risk model, collecting a huge database of different viruses for further research in the biobank, understanding how the virus infects living beings and in which ways, which qualities of a person can affect the spreading ability of an infected individual, and catching the real living covid-virus-particles or simulating the virus flow in different spaces, piloting in real hospital environment – to name a few.

One of the most ground-breaking findings is the preliminary result of the daycare pilot study:

There was 30 % less morbidity of children in the kindergartens with air purifiers than in those without the purifiers!

Samples collected from the air.

The daycare study was specifically about how air purification affects common diseases like the flu.* From the medical perspective, it is outstanding that morbidity can be constrained with such simple solutions. This should be really taken into account.

It could change the way we build. It can be revolutionary considering that the Covid-19 pandemic most likely will not be our last pandemic. This could mean that there should be a common standardising of integrating the air purifiers with the ventilation systems of the building.

This result is epic – even though the research is not ready even ready yet.

All this multidisciplinary work with almost 200 experts in different fields of expertise and sciences is starting to bear fruit. We can’t wait to share all the findings with the world and to boost the knowledge about health safety in different spaces with certified methods and techniques.

Nea Alanen

Communications, E3

E3 Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions is a 2.5-year joint development project financed by Business Finland and the participating companies, the goal of which is to study the routes of the spread of viruses and how the various functions of society can be kept functional despite pandemics.

A total of 22 Finnish companies and seven research institutes are involved in the multidisciplinary project jointly built by CleverHealth Network and IAQe indoor air ecosystems and coordinated by Tamlink and Spinverse.

*The data was collected between November 2022 and April 2023 with electronic symptom diaries that were filled in weekly by the parents. There were altogether 485 subjects, all from early childhood education in Helsinki.

The causality of the result has not been fully demonstrated, so we have to wait for the study to be completed to get the final results.


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