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Halton’s mission is strongly in line with the targets of E3

The E3 Pandemic Response project has many companies that know good air quality in their own professional way. Halton, as an internationally prospered highflyer, is one of those. In the project, we have a great combination of seven research organizations who bring their exceptional multidisciplinary input into the project and 22 companies who have the technologies to innovate and evolve future solutions.

Halton provides solutions for various industrial sectors, such as professional kitchens, healthcare facilities, public properties, offshore locations and much more. Photo: Halton

“This era of COVID-19 has shown everyone that we have some new challenges ahead. As a company we have had glimpses of that during the 10 years we have concentrated in healthcare too” notes Kim Hagström, the CTO of Halton.

Kim Hagström, CTO of Halton

Halton appreciates the huge E3 consortium and its community of experts. After almost a year of action, the cooperation still takes shape. But little by little it’s starting to look good.

“We think that the joint workshops with sharing knowledge and testing one’s ideas with each other have been very useful for us. By now we have found deeper collaboration with Granlund and Cleamix for example, and we do hope to get more new acquaintances. The collaboration is found especially in the formation of proof of concepts that are created within the project.”

Halton hopes to understand more and better how the world has changed concretely during and after the pandemics.

“And to concretize the things that we have already done. What are the challenges in our old actions and in the things that we are going to do under the upcoming challenges.”

Halton already has solutions for hospitals to minimize the risks for nurses that are exposed to pathogens during the nursing work. During the pandemics, Halton has also concentrated on making the office environment safer for workers. They put a lot of effort into how to make offices safe from airborne pathogens.

“I hope that this kind of attention and concern towards preventing the pathogen flow will grow strongly during the E3 project so that people will learn to invest in these technologies.”

Sustainable development goes hand in hand with health security

The health security and wellbeing of people are one of the most important things behind the Halton indoor air quality solutions. Another very important topic guiding the company’s thinking is to take notice of the challenges brought by global warming.

“At the beginning of the project when we were thinking about the scope, we as a company emphasized the meaning of global warming and its challenges. We need to find all these important project goals but at the same time, we must be able to reduce our climate encumbrance and minimize the risks. This is something we want to bring up within our actions and technologies. Sustainable development is very important to us.”

About ten years ago Halton started creating special ventilation solutions for operating rooms in hospitals. The main goal was to make sure that the air within the operating rooms would be clean and pure during surgeries – and to ensure that the air in the entire room, and not just in the central area, would be microbe free.

“We aim to better understand the treatment processes and also to bring these solutions to other destinations too where they are considered critical.”

Photo: Halton

Halton and its goals in the E3

Halton Group is a family-owned, global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding spaces. The company’s mission is to enable people’s wellbeing in these environments. Halton was founded in 1969 and is still run by the same family.

Halton wants to develop and learn more about dealing with pandemics and to be part of the consortium which together creates new technologies and innovations. That’s why it was easy for them to take part in E3. Halton’s mission is strongly in line with the targets of the project.

Halton also wishes to connect and collaborate with the top talents that we have in the E3 consortium so that the innovations can be brought to international markets too together supporting each other in the process.


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