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E3 starting an international pilot in Romanian infection hospital Matei Bals

According to its original project plan, E3 is starting a one-year international collaboration project and proof of concept testing in a Romanian hospital Prof. Dr. Matei Balș National Institute for Infectious Diseases.

The company Granlund, a group that specialises in the real estate and construction sectors, took the first steps by visiting Matei Bals (MT) in September 2022 with Tampere University personnel. The purpose of the visit was to establish a collaboration between the E3 project and the hospital.

MT hospital is now an important platform (a use case) for testing and applying research-based knowledge and technologies provided by E3 project participants.

Piloting in this case means, that E3 takes measurements from Matei Bals’s room air in the beginning, and then some improvements are planned regarding those measurements with ventilation systems and circulating air filters.

“These measurements are a basic thing that we do but then we also have some technical solutions to decrease infection risk in the risky spaces solutions, which we can utilize. Afterwards, depending on the measurements and the results, we suggest some improvements to Matei Bals”, explains Jukka Vasara, the Vice President of Granlund.

“We have started the indoor air quality measurements and right now we’re also having conversations about clinical testing. Matei Bals has great laboratories for research and analysing”, Piia Sormunen, the Professor of building technology from Tampere University reveals.

Starting pre-study with the following activities:

• Examining functionality of ventilation and cooling systems

• Determining the level of risk in the selected spaces

• Measured indoor air quality in the selected risky spaces

• Analyzing the potential technology for viral infection risk reduction

The leader of the use case is industry professor Piia Sormunen from Tampere University.

E3 Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions is a 2,5-year joint development project financed by Business Finland and the participating companies, the goal of which is to study the routes of spread of viruses and how the various functions of society can be kept functional despite pandemics.

A total of 22 Finnish companies and seven research institutes are involved in the multidisciplinary project jointly built by CleverHealth Network and IAQe indoor air ecosystems and is coordinated by Tamlink and Spinverse.

In this international pilot there are involved for now Granlund, Inspector SEC, Air0, Lifa Air, SmartWatcher,Tampere University, VTT and Finnish Meterological Institute. Contacts to Matei Bals were made with the help of Embassy of Finland in Bucharest, Romania.


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